The B2B newsletter Fashion Daily (owned by Boussias Communications, a multiplatform media group based in Greece) has released a premium edition of its publication titled ‘Luxury Shapers’, and is proudly presenting ‘Visionaries of Luxury’.

It is introducing opinion leaders with insight and knowledge into the luxury industries of fashion, beauty, tourism, communication, architecture, retail, and F&B. By rifling through the newsletter, readers are able to discover details from the personal development and careers of individuals who have changed the face of the “luxury industry”, each in their own way and in countless different markets and categories.

In an age where the meaning of ‘luxury’ is being reassessed in Greece, who are the people defining, influencing and disrupting the industry?

One of the luxury shapers included in the publication is creator and founder of carpo, Kostas Kontopoulos. Τhe piece is written by Xenia Kourtoglou, (Founder and Managing Partner, Focus Bari, Co-founder, e-satisfaction & I for U, Business Coach & Mentor, Writer).