Dried, Greek Black Raisins

Black currants are rich in…

Nutrition Facts

  • Antioxidant vitamins (A, C)
  • Anthocyanins
  • Arginine
  • Iron, potassium, manganese and copper
  • B-complex vitamin
  • Vegetable fiber

Health Benefits

  • They help with constipation
  • They assist in treating anemia
  • They reinforce eye health
  • They protect the body from the occurrence of cancer
  • They improve sexual function
  • They enhance bone health

Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition analysis reveals that one micro portion (28gr.) of black currants includes 63 calories, 0.6 gr. of protein, 16.9 gr. of carbohydrates, 0 gr. of fat and 1.25 gr. of vegetable fiber.

How to eat

You can consume dried black currants daily, as a snack between meals with dried nuts or/and seeds, or you can add them in salads, in cereal bars, in yogurt and in home-made pies and cakes.