Sultana raisins

Sultana raisins are rich in…

Nutrition Facts

  • Phenolic antioxidants (resveratrol, anthocyanin)
  • Flavonoids (tannins, Catechins)
  • Arginine
  • B-Complex vitamins
  • Iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium and copper
  • Vegetable fiber

Health Benefits

  • Increase energy levels in the body
  • Fight constipation
  • Reinforce bone health
  • Fight infections
  • They help treat anemia
  • They reinforce the health of the eyes, protecting them against diseases
  • They protect the body from developing cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • They regulate the cholesterol levels in the blood stream
  • They assist in controlling blood pressure
  • They improve sexual function

Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition analysis reveals that one micro portion (28gr.) of dried sultanina raisins contains 85 calories, 0.9 gr. of protein, 22.4 gr. of carbohydrates, 0.1 gr. of fat (of which 0 gr. is saturated) and 1 gr. of vegetable fiber.

How to eat

You can eat dried gooseberries daily, as a snack between meals with other dried fruit or/and seeds, or by adding them in the salads, cereal bars, in yogurt and in homemade pastries and cake.